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"YOU have been such a special part of this first year of Kate's life! You have captured some precious moments that I will always be able to look back I long for those sweet baby days!" -Natalie

"LOVE it. Somehow, you have managed to capture the essence of each child. I can hear Tommy laughing! I sense Caroline is thinking something mischievious, and Sophia is quietly, confidently, pushing her boundaries."-Rita

"Oh my gosh! I have tears rolling down my face; those are so precious!! I want them all in big huge sizes! I will definitely need some help deciding. I absolutely love them! I cant believe we had the day we had and have such gorgeous photos. You are amazing! Thank you!"-Beth

"These bring tears to my eyes. How beautiful! Simply amazing."-Marc

Deanna, These are so beautiful; jeff and I both cried this morning. I never would have thought that we got such good pictures that day.I am so proud of my family; thanks for capturing it!"-Holly

"Thank you so much for this show. As always, you did a phenomenal job on Holden's pictures. Thank you so much for your talent and creating all of these beautiful memories."-Lauren

"Deanna, once again, I am awed. These are beautiful. I dare anyone to pick a favorite. I am having a hard time leaving my computer screen. thank you thank you thank you. I am so happy to know someone who can capture the beauty I see in them!"-Angie

"Bravo! You are a master. I don't know how you do it. You manage to get beautiful pictures of a 1 year old that doesn't really want to cooperate. I will always be grateful for the images that you capture. Thank you very much!"-Julie

"Deanna, OH MY GOSH!!!! We love the pictures! What an awesome way to capture that moment and you did it perfectly. Thank you so much for all that you did."-Kara and Aaron

"THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE FIRST PICTURES!!! I still cant get over knowing we really have her with our family now and being able to look at these moments again tonight absolutely thrilled us!!! Well certainly be looking forward to seeing some more!!! Thank you again!!! … Patricia

"OMG!!!!!!! I LOVE them all, how will I choose? You should change your title from Photographer to Magician!"-Justine

"W .... O .....W !!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! :) Every picture is great - thank you so much!"-Monica

"YOU ARE AMAZING!! Tom and I are in awe over the great shots that you got. Wow!! Thank you for capturing our special day."-Amanda

"OMG! You out-did yourself. I know I'm emotional, but I started crying (happy tears) when I saw these. Thank you so much."-Shay

"Ok Deanna, seriously, I don't know how I'm going to pick because...LOVE all these. If you have more of those, you might as well just give me the whole roll. I'm just blown away. I just love love love the one of him on the floor smiling and the one of him with Lee. I am in awe everytime I see your work. Thank you SO much and I can't wait to see the rest!"-Emma

"Love, love, LOVE these. Wonderful job, Deanna. Thank you so much for these. We love them; I cried!" -Andrea

"Dear Deanna, LOVE them! So worth the wait!!! How in the heck am I going to choose. Oh, boy am I in trouble since they look so great!! Thank you! thank you!" -Virginia

"Love them!!! Although I knew I would!! Thanks for the super quick sneak peek and for taking such amazing pictures! Can't wait to see more!" -Heather