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Deanna Devine is an award-winning photographer who has been photographing Dallas families for over 15 years.



  • Nominated and chosen by voters as DFW's Favorite Family Photographer by Nickelodeon Parents Picks
  • Commissioned for covers and article images for Dallas Child Magazine, Fort Worth Child Magazine, Baby Dallas Magazine, Dallas Teen Magazine, and many others
  • Partnered with children's boutiques such as Stephanie Anne, Trees of the Forest, and Little Heiress
  • Commissioned by clients all over the US for sessions


Back in 1998, I gave birth to my first child at what I now know to be a ridiculously young age of (barely) 22. I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life while all my friends from high school were still attending frat parties and football games. I signed up for photography at my college and fell in love with the darkroom. I took the class over and over and over again just to have access to it. I learned photography and light and exposure and shadow and aperture and film speed all on a basic Pentax film camera that I bought with my student loans.

I practiced on my baby, and then I practiced on friend's babies, and then I was getting calls from families I had never met. I was getting so many calls that I quit my job in what was the scariest decision of my life in 2004 and haven't looked back.

You might notice that there aren't many "look at me and say cheese" shots, or any sort of posing or styling in general. That's just not me. Being the hopeless romantic and lover of relationships that I am, I found early on that my forte was seeing those little "in-between" moments that are overlooked in mainstream portrait photography. I like to walk into a home and see the little intricacies that make the family unique. I might purposefully put a couple in the awkward position of kissing in front of me just to capture the "can you believe this woman?" look they give each other a split second later. I don't focus on sets or props or making sure everyone is smiling, I focus on the little moments of reality and make sure I have killer natural lighting and composition backing me up.

And now I have blabbered on and on but I love you for getting this far.

I'm now an old lady who has had 3 more kids bringing the grand total to 4 if you're counting. We have a golden retriever named Cali. My husband and I both work from home and no, we don't want to kill each other. He's in fitness and I have a double life as a fitness freak/blogger/nutrition coach. Our dream is to work from the road and travel the world in an RV, like, soon.